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Amarna (pronounced: Ah-mar-nah) is a founding member of Daughters of the Nile Middle Eastern Dance Academy, principal dancer and the Artistic Director of the Academy's performance troupes. She has been studying and performing Middle Eastern Dance since 2000 and is a respected and professional performer of the beautiful art of Oriental Dance. Amarna has studied with master dancers Hadia, Beata & Horacio Cifuentes, Sahra Saeeda, Tito, Yousry Sharif, Yasmina Ramzy, and Denise Enan just to name a few.

With performances and workshops in Alberta, British Columbia, and the United States on her résumé, Amarna’s passion for the dance shines through, not only in stage shows, but in the classes she teaches throughout Calgary and the surrounding area.

Amarna is currently teaching Middle Eastern Dance through, Daughters of the Nile Middle Eastern Dance Academy, Spa Lady, and the Crowfoot YMCA. More information on her classes can be found on the Classes Page.

Amarna also performs regularly throughout Calgary at fundraisers, corporate functions, and private events. Her ability, combined with a thirst for authentic Arabic moves, shines through with a richness of depth and expression whenever she dances.

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"Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards
and in high heels." ~ Faith Whittlesey

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