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Read below to see what Amarna’s students have to say about her classes!

    “Amarna is a gorgeous, amazing, wonderful dancer. She shares her awesome knowledge and skill in belly dance, can explain the regional styles, history and cultural references of belly dance, as well as the signature moves and styles of great contemporary dancers. An audience or a class of students knows they are getting "the real thing". Amarna at Mt. Royal CollegeHer own style is "flirty" and "cheeky", which makes performances and classes a tremendous amount of fun. She is funny and insightful and patient and encouraging to all her students. She ensures every dancer practices each move correctly to prevent self-injury. I can't imagine myself learning so much and having as much fun in two years of dance classes from anyone else but Amarna. As everyone in her class knows, every dancer (student or pro) is beautiful (but bringing it out may sometimes take some effort)!”

    ~ Kayla B, a happy, satisfied Raqs Sharqi addict.

    Amar_Hadia3 Aug workshop 2006

    “Amarna is a awesome teacher, young, full of energy and lots of fun and is always taking new workshops to learn new moves to bring back to class for us. Amarna has a way of talking and walking us through each move to make you feel good about learning the steps. Her classes are a great workout and leaving you wanting to learn more. Amarna is a beautiful dancer - one of the best !!!”

~ A Thankful Student
Brenda K


    “Belly dance lessons for me started when I signed up for a class at Spa Lady. Even though I have no dance experience, this class proved to be challenging and fun at the same time. This is one dance style that anyone can do because you make it your own. I have much admiration for Amarna in teaching a full class. She has a way of explaining the dance moves that are easy to understand and personal assistance is always available if you need it.”

    ~ Valerie P.


    “I started with Amarna and Daughters of the Nile in the fall of October 2004. Within in these two years my confidence, skills and performance have improved dramatically because of the fun, helpful and dedicated hard work of our professional dancers. Amarna incorporates a creative and entertaining teaching technique meanwhile personally touching the student's hearts and fulfilling the individual needs of each dancer. Belly dancing is extremely fun and exciting, especially with the help of such a great teacher.

    ~ Christa C.


    “I have taken a few classes with Amarna and have totally enjoyed them all. She is a great instructor and what I like the most is that she takes the time to explain the move and makes sure we all do it correctly and she makes it fun.!”

    ~ Shelley


    “Taking a belly dance class from just about any teacher will help a person feel good about themselves. But, in taking classes with Amarna the student finds a friendly, encouraging, professional teacher, who instills the student with more than just self-esteem. Amarna's instructional style is clear, with a strong focus on correct form & good technique to ensure physical safety & produce an elegant style of dance. She is always respectful of the student's limitations & capabilities, & welcoming of the student's unique personal style. Individualized attention is warmly given to each student, to help develop form & technique.

    Amarna is a teacher & performer who clearly loves the art of this dance. She continually seeks to educate herself under the tutelage of various master teachers, as well as encouraging her own students to grow & develop themselves in this beautiful art form.”

    ~ Lee B.

"Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order." ~ Samuel Beckett

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